BOLLSEN Hiking Poles

Lighter. Smaller. Adventure.

Ready for nature? BOLLSEN hiking poles starting at 199 grams per pole give your joints and muscles more strength for beautiful trails.

  • 3 models for beginners, travelers, and professionals
  • With attachments for Nordic walking, trekking, and snow
  • Foldable or extendable for easy transport – even in airplanes
  • Adjustable length with one click – for body heights from 1.40 to 2 meters
  • Free gift: Your carry bag with shoulder strap

Which hiking poles are best for you?


For beginners

alpine-explorer pole on white background
alpine-explorer pole handle close-up
alpine-explorer pole clamp
man standing with alpine research poles

Safe. Relaxed. Easy to handle. Alpine Explorer is the affordable option for newcomers to walking with poles.

  • Telescopic: Collapsible to 65 centimeters length
  • Made of 6061 aluminum and with ergonomic EVA handles
  • The bestseller among beginners in outdoor sports
  • With two attachments: Trekking, Nordic Walking

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For travelers

expeditions pro pole on white background
expedition pro pole disassembled

Stable to the destination – on every continent. The foldable hiking poles for mountains, forests, and asphalt.
  • Foldable to 37 centimeters – fits perfectly in suitcase and hand luggage
  • Made of 7075 aluminum with metal locks
  • With EVA and cork handle for the best grip
  • With three attachments: Trekking, Walking, Snow

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For professionals

3k Carbon Extreme Pole Vertical
3k Carbon Extreme Disassembled Pole Right
Woman Walking with 3k Carbon Extreme Poles

Ultra-light, ultra-stable. For demanding outdoor athletes who do not want to compromise.

  • At only 199 grams per pole, our lightest model ever
  • Foldable to 37 centimeters – fits in hand luggage
  • Made of high-quality carbon with metal locks
  • With three attachments: Trekking, Walking, Snow

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Trekking Poles in Your Size. Guaranteed.

Walk upright without tension: no problem with our adjustable hiking poles.

They can be adjusted between 95 (or 115) and 135 cm to the right pole length – with a quick release with one hand. Perfect for men and women between 1.40 (or 1.60) and 2 m:

  • Alpine Explorer: 95-135 cm
  • Expedition Pro and 3K Carbon Extreme+: 115-135 cm

The optimal length for you can be found in the size chart. Choose a slightly longer setting for downhill, and a slightly shorter setting for uphill.

Pole tips made of tungsten steel

How Your Walking Poles Secure Every Step

So that every step counts: Every walking stick has massive tungsten steel tips. The metal tips penetrate soft and hard ground to prevent slipping.

In the hiking poles, we use break-resistant 6061 aluminum (Alpine Explorer), 7075 aluminum (Expedition Pro) or 3K carbon (3K Carbon Extreme+), which impresses with its lightweight and maximum stability.

The adjustable wrist straps ensure that the poles are always securely and comfortably in your hand.

Easy from Start to Finish

Trekking poles that you forget while hiking? They exist! Because with our ultra-lightweight constructions made of aluminum or carbon, your sporty support literally does not weigh you down.

bollsen logo on the pole for alpine explorers

Pack. Take. Go.

Big trip planned? No problem. Our hiking poles can be perfectly stored in your suitcase, attached to your backpack, in airplane hand luggage, or in your carry bag with shoulder strap. Two mechanisms ensure the small pack size. Arrived? Simply assemble – and off you go.

clinker vertical mountaineer pole on white background


Practical for short distances are our telescopic poles ALPINE EXPLORER. They can be collapsed to 65 cm and extended with one hand.

3k Carbon Extreme Disassembled Pole Left


The foldable poles: EXPEDITION PRO and 3K CARBON EXTREME+ are foldable to 37 cm. This means they even fit in flight luggage.

Comfortable in Hand Even After Hours

The ergonomic handles follow the natural shape of the hands. This makes gripping easier – and you save valuable muscle strength for the final sprint.

Thanks to the extended handles, you can often avoid adjusting the length of your poles. Simply re-grip!

Neither sweat nor rain can bother you. With non-slip handles made of cork or EVA, you always hold your trekking poles securely in your hands.


One Pair of Poles. Unlimited Possibilities.

Whether in winter for mountain tours, snowshoeing, or crossing the Alps. As a modern pilgrim’s staff for hiking on the Camino de Santiago. Or as a walking aid for seniors. With up to three attachments, you give your hiking poles more than one function.

Trekking attachments -1

Trekking Attachments

Particularly stable on various surfaces. Good for mountain hiking and walking in the forest, on the meadow, and in mud.


  • Alpine Explorer
  • Expedition Pro
  • 3K Carbon Extreme+
LiparDesignPhotography 08803 copy 2

Nordic Walking Attachments

The rubber cap cushions every step and pushes you off with extra energy. Recommended for walking on asphalt.


  • Alpine Explorer
  • Expedition Pro
  • 3K Carbon Extreme+
Snow basket

Snow Baskets

The large baskets prevent you from sinking in. Perfect for loose surfaces like snow, sand, or gravel.


  • Alpine Explorer
  • Expedition Pro
  • 3K Carbon Extreme+

BOLLSEN: Always One Step Ahead.

With our BOLLSEN insoles, we were able to help thousands of people walk pain-free. Now we are literally taking it a step further: Together with our customers, we have developed the JOINT-PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY of our hiking poles to enable even more people to enjoy outdoor sports – without pain, joint-friendly, and beneficial for posture.

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You will receive your delivery within five working days free of charge. No minimum order value.

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40 Days Money-Back

Test your hiking poles without risk. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back – no questions asked.

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BOLLSEN Hiking Poles Comparison


Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, you do not need hiking poles to walk in the fresh air. However, they offer some advantages: they provide safety by preventing falls on uneven ground or steep slopes. In some sports, such as high-altitude mountain tours, they are therefore essential. They also relieve muscles and joints.

For anyone who wants to move healthily in nature. Trekking poles allow even older people to exercise, for example after a hip operation. People with knee problems also find the support helpful as it relieves the knees and helps against knee pain. Exercising in the sun strengthens the body’s overall resilience.

Our purchase advice: Alpine Explorer is the entry-level variant with the best price-performance ratio. The model is lightweight, stable, and versatile. Advanced users and travelers appreciate the practical portability of our two foldable hiking poles: Expedition Pro made of aluminum and 3K Carbon Extreme+ made of ultra-light carbon.

Correct: The normal trekking attachment is best for soft surfaces like forest, meadow, or mud. The walking attachment is best used on hard surfaces like roads. The snow attachment (only included with Expedition Pro and 3K Carbon Extreme+) is perfect for winter mountain tours.

Telescopic poles like Alpine Explorer can be quickly extended and collapsed. The shortest length is 65 centimeters, the longest length is 135 centimeters. The foldable hiking poles Expedition Pro and 3K Carbon Extreme+ are even shorter when folded: they reach 37 centimeters. This is practical if you want to travel by plane. To fold, simply release the quick release, to assemble, simply snap it in place.

This decision is a matter of taste: While both materials are extremely stable, carbon is slightly lighter. Professionals who want to feel the difference prefer our 3K Carbon Extreme+.

Yes, usually. People up to two meters tall can walk comfortably and upright with our height-adjustable walking poles – whether for men or women. There is no weight limit: if you use the poles correctly, you can also lean on them with a higher weight.

Yes! With the walking attachment, you can also use the poles on hard surfaces

. The rubber tips provide cushioning, which means you need less energy while walking. At the same time, they cushion the impact to relieve the joints.